Monday, August 17, 2009

Start spreading the news... I'm leaving tomorrow....

Wow. The time has flown like a banshee. Summer is pretty much gone, and it is time to head onto bigger and hopefully better things. I leave for Orlando tomorrow morning, and needless to say, I am panicking. I am not packed. Nothing wants to fit into my very small suitcase, and everything I had to do before I left is still sitting on the notepad of things to do. Time does not flow like a river... well, maybe a hugely rushing one, but not the lazy river we all wish it could flow like.

I am excited to meet my new castmates, but i am terrified that they are so far ahead since they have been in rehearsals already for two weeks. They know their stuff. i am still trying to remember the words to the simplest of country songs. I have to make this one quick, as i really gotta go try and pack again. This is attempt number four. It will all fit. It will all fit. It will all fit.

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