Friday, July 30, 2010

Ooh buoy! And one for Grama Beech!

Barbados pictures

So the other pics posted are of Antigua, mostly from the Church of St. John the Baptist, which unfortunately is under renovation, so I couldn't get inside to take any pictures... but there were some broken windows, and I just so happened to take a few shots of the interior. They didn't come out so well, so I wont post them here.

Here is Barbados!

Antigua and Barbados

Actually I am more "pro" gua than anti... and I have no idea what happened to Barba-uno so they just skipped to Barba-dos.

Anyhow, I am finally on the Dawn Princess, and we are slowly making our way through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal en route back to Sydney, Australia. We stopped yesterday in Antigua and today in Barbados... sea day tomorrow, and then Curacao, Dutch West Indies.

We opened Shimmy! night before last, and it went very well. We had some major technical issues, but in the end, the show went very well. Apparently, they sent a new system format out with the old shows on them, and when the computer reads it, it messed with the time codes, which then screws up the lighting cues and all that... not to mention, they reworked the ending. So in the end, we ended up doing the old version of Shimmy that I had done before, so it all ended happily.

So far ship life is the usual... training here and there, inductions here and there. Thankfully I have been able to get off the ship and do some sightseeing, but not through the tour desk. I will attach some pictures of Antigua and Barbados. Talk to you soon! Send me your addresses so I can send some postcards out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My bags are packed...

I'm ready to go. I'm leaving on a jet plane.


Well, I am packed... but of course, all those little piddly things that are a pain in the you know where are taking forever to find their places.

Rehearsals on land are over, tomorrow we go to Red Hook, Brooklyn. (Navy yards... hello, sailors!) And then the journey starts. I hope things go well. I am very glad the rehearsals went well this time around. Last year at this time we hadn't even learned one of the shows!

I will be blogging regularly, I hope. As this time around, there are several projects in the works as well. Hope the photos will be as interesting, and I promise they will be good... (I hope)

I will see you all again in May! Oy, that seems so far away.

Uh, maybe because IT IS!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Whale Wars!

So i turn on the TV tonight, and low and behold, there is a show on TV about a boat being split in two by a Japanese whaling vessel... well, check this out... we saw this boat when we were in Hobart! And now, I guess it is no more. But here are the pics I took of it when it was in port. All of us were really awestruck at what an awesome boat it was. But we weren't sure what kind of boat it was, exactly.

Back in the Saddle Again

So, here's news! I am back in Cocoa, Florida, and back at the good ol' Dixie Motel! Better view this time, if you recall last year my view was of a white brick wall. This time, I have a view of the parking lot, and there are trees and a field there as well! Something to look at, at least!

Rehearsals are going well. Last year at this time I was totally a wreck. This time, things are going really well. My new leading lady is amazing, and the cast is great! Ross and Leanne are back for more torture, and now the contract, which was supposed to end in February, is now ending in MAY. May 25th, to be exact. Which is great when it comes to putting some finances away, but going to be a wreck on the ol' social life.

But, hey, a job is a job, and there are not many of us out there who can honestly say that they absolutely LOVE what it is that they do. I do, and will. Back to Australia and New Zealand, and I may even just have to jump out of a plane again! We will see...

Please stay tuned, as I will be posting more interesting (I hope) pics and all kinds of stuff.

I miss you guys already, and hope my Hamlet and Othello are doing well.