Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transitions are tough

Hello, all! I am back on land, and I hit the ground running!

I started rehearsals for the Next Generation Theatre's production of "bare: the musical" which I am choreographing and doing musical staging. I started on this project a year ago, when Paul Orsett, the artistic director asked me to join the project. It is a piece we are both very passionate about, and really wanted to see it through to fruition.

Then auditions came, and thirteen people showed up for a cast of 22, only six of which I could feasibly use. Needless to say, the production didn't happen. We held the rights for a full year, and we decided to hold off and try again this year.

So here we are. While I was on the ship, Paul held auditions, and cast the show (for the most part) and though we are missing an ensemble, the cast he assembled is holding their own and you would never know an ensemble was part of the mix at all. We combined a couple of the parts, and during my last week on board, they learned music. Two days after I got off the ship, I was back in the studio, rehearsing a cast of eager youngsters who seem to have the same passion for the work that I and Paul have.

More later, as I have to get to rehearsal and stuff this frozen pizza in my mouth before I go.