Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grrrrrrrrr.... frustrating day. Had a great weekend, dog-sitting. But now when it comes to sitting down and doing my homework, I find myself not able to write a single word on things that need to be written i.e. my screenplay. Waiting for the muses to inspire me, but nothing seems to be happening.

I start rehearsals tomorrow for The Sound of Music with North Carolina Theatre, and I am very excited about it. Not only the paycheck, but just to have something to get up each day for. I will be playing Admiral Von Schreiber, and I get a scene with the leads, which will also be exciting.

PLEASE, oh muses, visit me tonight while I sleep, and help me get my screenplay written.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another view of me as Thomas Jefferson. Deep in thought. I think I was actually just messing around during the photo call and my friend Kim took this photo when I wasn't looking. I think in a past life I was a politician during the 1770's.

Me as Thomas Jefferson in the Surflight Theatre production of 1776. I was wearing lifts in my boots that made me 6'4". Very exciting. Normally I am only about 6'. Not comfortable by any means, but it was still an exhilarating experience. Love the show, and would love to do it again.

Land of the FRE-ON and home of the sweaty

July 4th. Just finished watching 1776 on TV. Gotta love Turner Classic Movies. I did that show ten years ago now at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Played Thomas Jefferson. What an amazing role and an amazing production. Brought back tons of memories.

Got home tonight to find that my air conditioner isn't working. That sucks. Nothing like a sweaty night alone at home.

So outside tonight, I heard a strange crunching sound. I turned on the porch light, and there staring at me is a gorgeous racoon. She (or he) stood up and looked at me curiously, and continued to chow down on the bowl of dog food I had left out. Soon, a second one decided to stop by. I have named them Scott and Zelda. They remind me of the Gatsby era for some reason. My camera, unfortunately doesn't seem to want to photograph them.

My new birds on the front porch, however, are very photogenic. Today, one of them ventured out of the nest and started hopping around on the ledge. I'll attach a pic. No fireworks tonight. Figuratively or really. In my dreams.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another view of yet another huge wave. Keep in mind that the darker blue water is only water. The white is the spray. Which puts the water wayyyy up there on the deck of the ship. What fun! Surf's up!

This was a huge storm that came through somewhere in the North Pacific. Thankfully, I will be traveling in the South Pacific. Bali Hai! Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair! Okay, I will leave the musical theatre jokes out of it. But, this storm was scary. The photo was taken from the bridge. The waves are probably around 40-50 feet high.

The Launch

Okay, here goes. My first post on my new blog. I am in the process of getting ready to head off to Australia, via Cocoa, Florida. I got an incredible new job (long time in the coming) on board the m/s Sun Princess with Princess Cruise Lines. I will be the guest entertainer, i.e. lead singer. The cast consists of ten dancers, 4 male, 6 female, and two singers.

It has been a while since I have been to sea, but I really am looking forward to getting a good night's sleep again. When the ship rocks, it is like going back to the cradle. Life is good at sea.

The most hectic part so far has been deciding what to do with the things I am leaving behind. I have a relatively new house that needs to be packed up and hopefully rented out, though right now, I don't see how that's going to happen. I have managed to acquire so much "stuff" over the past four years. I guess teaching does that to you.

I found a couple pictures from one of my other ship contracts, and I will attempt to post them. Enjoy. Until next time...