Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grrrrrrrrr.... frustrating day. Had a great weekend, dog-sitting. But now when it comes to sitting down and doing my homework, I find myself not able to write a single word on things that need to be written i.e. my screenplay. Waiting for the muses to inspire me, but nothing seems to be happening.

I start rehearsals tomorrow for The Sound of Music with North Carolina Theatre, and I am very excited about it. Not only the paycheck, but just to have something to get up each day for. I will be playing Admiral Von Schreiber, and I get a scene with the leads, which will also be exciting.

PLEASE, oh muses, visit me tonight while I sleep, and help me get my screenplay written.

1 comment:

  1. MUSES come with MUSICALS!! Hows that!! You only have 20-24 pages per day you HAVE to do!!

    Spit it out, just like choreography and clean it up later!!

    LOV YA!!