Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sailing the Great Barrier Reef

So we are heading toward Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.  Have nod had any shows yet this cruise, which has been a nice change, but I know that it will change very soon.  Once the Asia trip is over, we get down to the nitty gritty of shows every couple of days, so I am resting up during the calm before the storm.

Last cruise was great.  Met some really nice folks, and some I had sailed with before, and some I am sure I will sail with again.  This cruise is chock full of former sailmates.  I sold lots of my CD's last cruise, and so far have sold 4 of my books.  I only have two left!

I am starting to teach an adult improvisation class on board, which should be a lot of fun.  We will be using the Jammers Nightclub to turn into an "Afternoon at the Improv".  Sounds like loads of fun, eh?  I'll let you know how it goes.  We have Shimmy tomorrow and the day after, and the day after is my first class with the sailing improv people.  I plan on doing a lot of different theatre games with them, kind of like you would see on "Whose Line is it Anyway".  Again, I have no idea how it will go over, but it should be fun.  It is something to do during the boring sea days.

I have continued to hit the gym, which is finally beginning to show.  It took forever, but I have had to take in my costumes once already, and will probably have to do it again soon.  I just hate that it takes so much work.  I have to constantly watch what I eat, and portion control is the key.  Yuck.  If I have to eat another salad I think I will become a rabbit in my free time.

Not much else to report.  My play, 031, is in pre-production and rehearsals right now in Raleigh, and I am kind of sad that i cannot be a part of it.  The cast is good according to Paul Orsett, and I look forward to seeing the final product at some point, though I doubt I will end up seeing it at all.

I will update you more on what is happening as we head along.  I have watched almost five seasons of Smallville in my spare time.  I must say, Season four has been a highlight, and right now, season five is a snoozer.  More later.  Salad time!

I forgot to add... I will be doing my solo show again on the 19th of October!!!  YAAY!  It is being revamped, so the order will be different, and I will be telling some other theatre stories, hoping to get that elusive Australian standing ovation.  The only drawback to the show is that I have to do it at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Ugh.