Saturday, July 4, 2009

Land of the FRE-ON and home of the sweaty

July 4th. Just finished watching 1776 on TV. Gotta love Turner Classic Movies. I did that show ten years ago now at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Played Thomas Jefferson. What an amazing role and an amazing production. Brought back tons of memories.

Got home tonight to find that my air conditioner isn't working. That sucks. Nothing like a sweaty night alone at home.

So outside tonight, I heard a strange crunching sound. I turned on the porch light, and there staring at me is a gorgeous racoon. She (or he) stood up and looked at me curiously, and continued to chow down on the bowl of dog food I had left out. Soon, a second one decided to stop by. I have named them Scott and Zelda. They remind me of the Gatsby era for some reason. My camera, unfortunately doesn't seem to want to photograph them.

My new birds on the front porch, however, are very photogenic. Today, one of them ventured out of the nest and started hopping around on the ledge. I'll attach a pic. No fireworks tonight. Figuratively or really. In my dreams.

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