Saturday, July 24, 2010

My bags are packed...

I'm ready to go. I'm leaving on a jet plane.


Well, I am packed... but of course, all those little piddly things that are a pain in the you know where are taking forever to find their places.

Rehearsals on land are over, tomorrow we go to Red Hook, Brooklyn. (Navy yards... hello, sailors!) And then the journey starts. I hope things go well. I am very glad the rehearsals went well this time around. Last year at this time we hadn't even learned one of the shows!

I will be blogging regularly, I hope. As this time around, there are several projects in the works as well. Hope the photos will be as interesting, and I promise they will be good... (I hope)

I will see you all again in May! Oy, that seems so far away.

Uh, maybe because IT IS!


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