Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Have Arrived! The Adventure Begins...

What a day! Got up after a night of no sleep at all... but it was nice to have the kitties snuggling up next to me again.. and got on the plane. I was running late, of course, no thanks to my irritated tummy. Got to the gate with minutes to spare, flew through the security checkpoint, got on the plane. Headed to Charlotte. Very fast flight, only 35 minutes. Then got to Charlotte. Had to change gates and planes, but had plenty of time.

I was supposed to be in the middle of a three person row, but thankfully, a woman wanted to sit near her child, so they moved me to an exit row, on the aisle. NICE! Besides, the guy next to me was not bad looking, either. The flight attendant was great. Got to Orlando after what seemed like an amazingly fast landing... never have I been on a plane where the runway seemed so short. I think our pilot was used to landing on an aircraft carrier, as he hit the runway and expected to stop immediately... anyhow.

Got in on time, but it took what seemed like forever to get my luggage. Got phoned by my leading lady, Nicole... a sweetie, from what I can gather. Forrest, our driver is a freshman at UCF (Central Florida) and wants to go into the culinary arts. Best to him, because directions and driving are NOT his strong point. Bless. He did well, though. We were the guinea pigs on his first airport run for PGT Entertainment! Best wishes to him and his followers.

So. Then off to Publix to buy food for the week. One hundred and ten dollars later, I walked out with probably enough food to feed an army, but knowing the way I eat, it won't last til the weekend. I did good, too, Michael and Mom... I bought fruits and veggies and NO COOKIES! I bought chicken and shrimp, and eggs andcereal, some lunch meat, and cheese... and other assorted oddities. I am now sitting on my bed in the apartments they have for us at the Dixie Motel! Yee haw, y'all... this is redneck livin' at it's best! There are about seventeen pickemup trucks in the parking lot, and a bunch of uys chewin' and spittin'. One guy even has his back down and is grilling pork chops on the back of his truck. I tell you, a person could get used to this!

I am also being serenaded by the girl next door who is in one of the other casts in rehearsals. She is a very very very very high soprano, and it seems like she just can't get Summertime quite right. Lordy. Hope I am not that much of a perfectionist, but you know I am! Thanks to the good Lord up above that i don't have to sing Summertime, though. More later.

Thje view form my window is stellar. I will post a picture when I get one. I miss everyone already.

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  1. Okay, so i didn't do the spell check... GUYS, not uys... spittin and chewin.