Sunday, August 23, 2009

Now I had... the time of my life

Blocked the Dirty Dancing section of Save the Last Dance for Me today. Got up early, well, I tried. Got up around ten, then had breakfast, went next door to sing through stuff with my leading lady, and then while we were singing, we found out that we would be delaying rehearsal for an hour. No problem. More time to sing. Then we went through the Dirty Dancing stuff... that is about three songs, including Time of My Life, Do You Love Me, and one other that I am not in. The dancers came in later and then we worked through (plug and play) some of the Big Band stuff. I officially have a new song I KNOW I am going to love to sing...

I Know Why (and so Do You) by Glenn Miller. What an amazingly beautiful song. The words are sinple and perfect, and the melody sits in a great place for my voice. I am gonna love it. The story behind it is also very special, and it adds to the total sentimentality of the piece. Glenn Miller used to end his radio shows with Little Brown Jug, which was his and his wife's song... for Christmas one year, he wrote I Know Why, and told his wife to listen to the broadcast that night, as there would be a surprise. The night of the concert, Glenn Miller's plane went down, and he was lost forever. The band went on and played the song for his wife, but he never had a chance to hear it, or see his wife's reaction. Isn't that cool? Very sad, but it adds so much to the acting of the piece. It's nice to have some dramatic moments during a non-dramatic revue show.

Got home tonight around 6:30. Today was Sophie Jo's birthday, so we threw her a little surprise but not party. Ordered pizza (bleah) and I managed to stuff down two pieces. Waiting for the cake announcement now so I can go chow down on some sweets! I would love to go for a walk and listen to my ipod and songs I have to learn, but it is raining cats and dogs right now. Gorgeous sunset tonight, too... not an hour ago, it was so nice and so many colors layering the sky. Purples and oranges and pinks, some reds and yellows. Really amazing.

It's weird. Today I felt like things might finally work. Like I am making progress. I wish I felt like a part of the cast, but hopefully that will come. I am taking things way too seriously, i think, and that has put some people off, as it makes me look like I have an attitude or am really stuck up. I'm just freaked out, folks. Bear with me, and I will get better, I promise. I really can be fun to be around. Just homesick and stressed right now. Got the zit to prove it. Dammit.

More later, probably tomorrow. We are doing more of Save the Last Dance, and then a full run of Extreme Country. I would love to be off book for it, but I seriously doubt that's gonna happen. How I envy these kids who only have to dance. I know that's not a fair statement, as they are really working their little tushes off, but when it comes to learning words AND choreography, I think singers have the short end of the stick. Nice group of people, though. I think I might have a crush on one of them.


  1. Hey J. Michael - now that I found you here I can follow your travel and travails! Miss you. Starting Altar Boyz tonite!

  2. Awesome! Have fun with Altar Boyz!!! Wish i could go see it! Keep me posted on how everything goes!

  3. Unfortunately the story about Glenn Miller and "I Know Why and So Do You" is not accurate. The song came from "Orchestra Wives" and was written by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon. Nor was "Little Brown Jug" a favorite of the Millers and it was NOT used to sign-off the broadcasts either.

    I would be happy to provide further information if you like.

    While I would prefer to have your romantic story be the truth, it is unfortunately not.