Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kick Off Tonight

So. Today. First off, I got up hoping to get some rehearsal time in with me and my script and my ipod. Not the case. Got up on time, as I wanted to, but my ipod was being a poopy. It took an hour to finally get the show tracks onto it. I guess all my musical theatre stuff took up all the memory, and there was no more room for the stuff I need. So I deleted Mamma Mia in Spanish, as well as a few of the other soundtracks I won't be listening to right away, and eventually, all six of the shows fit onto my ipod.

Well, then it was almost noon, and the cast that is heading out on Monday had their "presentation", which I guess is like their exit audition to show the big wigs what they have been working on so that they can get on the ship all prepared. Their presentation was incredible. Their shows look like so much fun. And it was music I knew... why can't I do THOSE shows? Anyhow, we then went to lunch to celebrate Sophie Jo's birthday, and I got a bland caesar turkey wrap. looked better on the menu than it did on the plate. Saved half of it for lunch tomorrow, as I did not get the chance to go out and get food for the week... gotta start rationing, I guess. Then I had every intention of going back to the Dixie Motel to study my music. Put my headphones on, and almost immediately conked out. Woke up when a flash thunderstorm came over and started shaking the roof. Got up, and then it was time to get ready to go to Peter's house. Peter as in Peter Grey Terhune... this big guy who I am working for. Very nice guy, so down to Earth... knows several folks that I do, so it was nice to be able to chat about mutual connections.

The party at his house was for the cast(s) that are going out next. Since we have two casts in simultaneous rehearsal, the party was for both casts. It was really nice! His house is on the water over on Merrit Island. Amazing house, with his yacht parked out on the canal... it was fully catered, open bar, with a jazz combo. I actually got up and sang "When I Fall In Love" because apparently, it is kind of obligatory that the lead singers from the casts get up and sing for their supper, so to speak. It went well, though I made up some words (so what else is new). One of the singers reminded me so much of Lormarev... but Lo has a much better sparky personality. I miss you, Lormarev!!!!

Had a pork chop and some fruit for dinner, a couple glasses of Coke and then switched over to water... I made it a double. Sheila was there... she is a trip and a half! She works in the office, and we had spoken on the phone several times, but we had not met formally. The first thing she said to me when we met was "Oh! I didn't recognize you without the mullet!" I didn't know what to say exactly. Apparently, my passport photo is really horrifically bad, and since I had long hair, it looks like a mullet. She gave me a hard time for the rest of the night. The other folks at PGT are also giving me a hard time just because I am still freaking out about the material to learn, and the time or lack thereof to learn it. They don't seem concerned, and they are telling me not to fret. I guess I won't fret as much as I normally would. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?

Not really sure if anyone is reading all this junk, but here it is anyway. Life in Cocoa is hot, sweaty, and stressful. Welcome to the new era of Cruise Ship Entertainment! More later... gotta go listen to some Extreme Country! Followed by Shimmy! followed by Save the Last Dance For Me... see y'all!

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