Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Popping Bubbles

Wow! I have NINE followers! Does that make this a cult? Anyway, welcome all newbies.

Today was a fair day. On a rank of one to ten, today was about a four. Still having difficulty with the whole memorization thing, so what else is new. Worked from 10 am until about two on the swing section of Save The Last Dance... choreographed In The Mood and Another Cha Cha... okay, a word about this song... nowhere in my score, or on any of the CD's the company gave me does the melody of this song exist. And I was expected to have it memorized? Uh... another cha cha out my butt, guys!

Had lunch back at the cast apartments ( a stromboli from Stouffer's...yummy). Then went back to rehearsal to work on Sway with the dancers until about 7:15. How many times can the verse change? Geez, it is driving me crazy.

Got home after visiting the post office, only to find that the stamp machine is out of order AND being removed from the post office. The closest place to buy stamps is now the Wal-Mart or the Winn Dixie... thought those went out of business, but okay. Got tons of phone calls today from bill collectors, well, over the past week, I have spent a lot of air time on bill collectors. Trying to make ends meet is a full time job in itself. Hence the stamp to send my paycheck home to help pay for bills so my credit rating is not all shot to blazes.

The shuttle launch was scrubbed again tonight because of fuelling issues... now, wouldn't you think that since last night the thing was supposed to go off, they wouldn't need to refuel? I dunno... obviously I am NOT a rocket scientist!

So I found out that my biggest frustration is this: I am a singer. The lead singer. Male Guest Entertainer. But I do not get a rehearsal with a musical director for ANY of the six shows I am expected to learn. I am expected to learn them from listening to CD's and watching videos. I guess this is normal? Here's the thing... I finally did have a sit down with the musical director, and he told me who sings what in each of the shows. Okay... well now here is where it gets interesting. The stuff he told me doesn't match what is on the CD, nor what is on the DVD, nor what the choreographer is teaching us. What the hell am I supposed to be doing? Oy!

Pardon me as I step off my soap box...

Okay, feeling better. Watched Saving Grace tonight. It was a repeat, but a good one.

Then I read my blog comments and found out that I have been lied to about the whole Glenn Miller thing. Man, I hate that. I guess I will have to write a screenplay about a band leader who writes a song for his wife and dies before he gets a chance to play it for her.

Maybe at some point I will know the truth about the story.

Heading off to bed now, I am tired and frazzled, and stressed and depressed. I have thousands of words going through my head all at once, and none of them make any sense. I hope I can sleep.

Serenity Prayer. Big time.

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  1. One thing at a time...one day at a time...one song at a time...smile...we all love you!