Friday, August 28, 2009


Tonight was amazing. Today, not so much, but tonight... absolutely. We watched a shuttle launch! Absolutely INCREDIBLE! We have been waiting to see it all week, and finally, at 11:59 pm tonight, they launched the shuttle Discovery. The 30th mission.

The cast all walked down by the water to get an unobstructed view. We could see the lights of the launch pad across the bay, and I had Mom on the phone in one ear, my video camera in the other hand, and then the entire sky lit up. Then the ball of light from the rockets were seen... wow. I was speechless, to think that there are seven people on board that thing going into space. Wish I had done better in math class.

I will try to upload some of my footage onto the website here, but I have no idea if it will work. I looked at what i filmed, an unfortunately, all you can see is a big ball of light. The focus doesn't work all that well at night, I guess, and since it is a new piece of machinery for me, there may be some user error.

The run through today was the next best thing to a disaster, but a good one, if that's even possible. The show didn't totally fall apart, so that's a good thing! We ended up singing with the tracks only, and not the voices we had been used to. Kind of a sink or swim method of seeing what we know and what we don't know. I did pretty well, only messed up three songs. That I know of.

Then we got notes, as our company manager watched (yuck... stress!). He made some really not so pretty faces as we were running things.

Then I worked with PGT's wife. We sang through the shows, and ended up only making it through two of the six. She helped sort of, but in the long run, I am the one who has to do the work, so it all comes down to me. Found out that our first show will be Piano Man, so I am going to start focusing on that one a little more. There are some great songs in that show, again, most of the melodies I know, but not the words.

More later. Got paid today, sent the paychecks home to help my starving bank account, and maybe stave off the bill collectors for a while, but i doubt it. Funny how they call you with a computerized system, and when you answer, they give you a number to call back, and then when you do, they put you on hold for ten minutes. I finally hung up.

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