Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a 6!

Hi all. Not too bad of a day today. Was actually a 6 on the scale. Got tons of work done on the Save The Last Dance show... so now I only have one more number to be put in, and then I have learned 2 entire shows. Learned, but i don't KNOW them... they have only been taught. We'll see how the whole retention thing goes when we have our run through at some point. It is a fun show, though, and I get to sing some great songs, including In The Mood, Pennsylvania 6-5000, I Know Why and So Do You, Quando Quando Quando, Save The Last Dance For me, and In The Still of the Night. Should be fun.

Tomorrow I don't have to go in until 11:30, and of course, I have no idea what i will be working on, so I have absolutely no way to prepare for the day ahead of time. Ah, life. Is grand, no? Sheesh.

Shuttle scrubbed yet again. Not sure why this time. Hoping tomorrow at 12:22am it will finally go into space so I can have some other form of excitement in my life other than stressful ones.

Had two egg white sandwiches for dinner, and a Dr. Pepper. Okay, i had yogurt for breakfast and an apple for lunch. I also found a farmer's market that i walked around in on a break. I happened upon an ice cream shop and got a cup of double chocolate chip ice cream. Stepped outside and it was immediately mush. So I pretty much drank it.

I don't know why my shift button does not seem to want to capitalize any of my "I's." very frustrating.

So, i checked emails tonight, and there are some funny ones from PB. Lovew a sequence of pictures taken through skype over the past 8 days. You know when they say a picture is worth a thousand words? This is what they mean... I will try to upload the sequence and post it on here.

I am very tired tonight, and a good night's sleep is long overdue, so I am going to keep this kinda short tonight. Besides, i don't want to jeopardize my semi-good mood and have it jinxed for tomorrow. Got tons of work to do yet on the whole memorization, but things are going better. Sorta. Well, today was better. Sorta.

I will also post a song memorization countdown. The whole NASA thing is rubbing off on me, i think.

More later. Thanks for dropping by!

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