Monday, August 24, 2009

First man to go to the moon, right, Mom?

Interesting day today. I had every intention of getting up at 7 am, taking a nice long jog around the area with my heaphones tuned into my music... ended up pushing the snooze button about ten times, which got me out of bed around ten am instead. Ugh. The road to whatever is paved with good intentions, right? Wrong.

Got to rehearsal around 11:00, and we worked on more of Save The Last Dance for Me. We did the disco section, which is going to be fun. Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love (don't I wish) Get Down Tonight... etc. During my down time, I managed to make a check off list of all the songs from the six shows I am supposed to have memorized by the time I leave here in two weeks.

There are 99 of them. Yes. Ninety-nine. Like the red balloons. ninety nine freaking songs I have to learn by the time i get to go to Australia. Of the ninety nine, I already know....

Fourteen. Okay, I lie.


Man, I am in TROUBLE! The good news is that I already know the majority of the melodies, it's those darned words that have to throw everything off. The good news is that I have a checklist now to show my progress. Hopefully every day I can cross off another four songs off my three page list.

Who knew that In The Mood and Pennsylvania 6-5000 had so many words? Not to mention the endless verses of At The Hop... those recording artists were able to have the music with them as they recorded the songs, right? Maybe I should become a recording artist.

In the meantime, I am waiting for one of my childhood dreams to come true. To see a shuttle launch live. Right now it is raining over the launch pad, so things are a no go. It is 1:13 am, and the shuttle is supposed to launch at 1:36. I hope it goes. First man on the moon, right mom?

Oh yeah, we also did a run through of Extreme Country. Let me tell you, I know what i need to work on. Those moments where i was standing there with egg on my face, looking like a deer in the headlights. Pretty much the entire second half of the show. I totally missed a dance break during Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy. I thought I was supposed to stand there and sing... forgot there was a dance to go with it. It didn't even look at all familiar when everyone BUT me was doing it. Hmmm.... tomorrow, maybe.

I have to go in at ten am to do the opening sequence of Save The Last Dance, as well as the Viennese section, which should be a treat, seeing as how I have no clue as to what any of THOSE words are.... wow. Life just doesn't get any better, does it? Andsomewhere in there, i have to learn the words to "Another Cha Cha", the likes of which do not exist on any of the CD's the company gave me to learn the shows by. I guess I get to make up a melody? Hello? Really?! (insert dramatic music here) Good night, y'all. See you on the other side to tomorrow!

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