Friday, August 21, 2009

Day Four

Today we got put into the Extreme Country show. It went well, and though I am still majorly overwhelmed with all the songs I have yet to learn, it seems to be finally taking shape. Okay, I lie. I am still very petrified of having to do six shows in three weeks. Man, that's a lot of words to memorize. I wish I had paid more attention to the lyrics of the big band era... what am i saying... Oy. Sigh and sigh again. It will come. It will come.

Oh yeah, I also have a play to rewrite before i leave for Australia... when the heck is THAT gonna happen? Thanks to M.S. for dragging me away at the most crucial time. Trying not to harbor any resentments, because those will get in the way of my learning process. I love and adore the above said M.S. ... just bad timing, dude. Next time, please let me make the decision.

Okay, I am pooped and bitter and gotta go to bed. Tomorrow is another day of rehearsing and rehearsing and then going over everything yet again. And again, and again. And that's my day off!

1 comment:

  1. For now,
    The "play is NOT the thing".

    It's rightful place is "on the back burner".

    (I can keep up these mixed up cliches forever,but for now...)

    I will "cease and desist", so you can
    "rest and recoup" "waiting for the light to shine" in order to "work your butt off" and "wear yourself down to the bone".

    But, hey,
    "nobody ever said this boat ride was gonna be easy".