Monday, October 5, 2009

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?

Well, I don't know either... but there are plenty of them out tonight. We had our second night of Shimmy, and afterward there was a crew party on deck 14 aft... the Sundowners Bar, I think it is called. I had my coca cola and sat and watched everyone else have a good time and see how when alcohol is added to the mix of homesick folk and beer goggles, how even those already taken seem to let that slide and go ahead with their flirting. Odd. I don't know... glad I wasn't drinking, but there is a part of me that wishes I could let my hair down like that and just have a good time. In the long run, it is better that I don't.

The show went well last night, and tonight also. I don't think I like doing the shows four times, because the house is almost always empty the second night of shows. Maybe if we only did one show the second night it would be better attended. I'm not in charge, so I can only offer the suggestion.

Our next show is day after tomorrow, and it is the one that I am having the most difficulty with learning the words. There are three songs that are tough in particular... Little Deuce Coupe, One For My Baby, and Birth of the Blues...okay, add Once In My Lifetime to that as well. I guess I just don't really see myself as the Sammy Davis Jr. type. Go figure. Maybe if I had a glass eye it would make things better.

We have the crossing of the equator ceremony again tomorrow. Should be fun. Wonder who I will get to spill chocolate sauce over this time. Last time it was several of the cadets on board, and several passengers as well. I don't recommend it as you end up smelling like chocolate sauce and whipped cream and jello for days afterward. All in fun, though.

Nicole is healing. It will be good to have her back in the shows. She is optimistic about getting better. The doctor on board who is something of a Nazi, gave her ten days to get better. Yesterday it was a week, but apparently Nicole is healing quickly, so they are giving her to the end of the cruise it seems.

I wish they had better movies on board. Last night it was Saw V of all films. Talk about shlock. That and Transformers 2 (sorry, Curt). Hmm.... maybe we will get some new ones on in Sydney in a couple weeks. I am hoping to buy a new pair of shoes in Sydney, not that anyone really cares about my buying new shoes at all, but I saw a pair in a store window that was really cool, and I want to go get them when I am there next. If I do, you know where the pictures will be posted. They are really cool, and the store was closed when I was there last, so I was unable to get them then.

Have not been getting much done on my new script for RLT... I have been trying to learn the words to every freaking verse of Little Deuce Coupe... yuck.

I will post more later. I miss you all at home, and please know that I am thinking about everyone. Homesick sailor here.


  1. Never knew you to really need anything to let your hair down. That's just alcohol's sales pitch. And, you ain't buying. How cool is that? Besides, the position of Observer can be such a powerful one, right? You know all the truths of the night while some wake up and are left wondering.

    Chocolate sauce? Is that for real? Where did that originate?

    As for Little Deuce Coupe, what a dumb song. It's like something they should sing at a mechanics convention. And, if I had to study the lyrics to, much less sing repeatedly, "One More For my Baby" and "Birth of the Blues" I would need a case of Prozac. Yuk.

    Love you, Peggy

  2. Hi,
    I sent you an lengthy e-mail about the CD's I am copying for you - strangely many of them Australian casts. When you connect with your e-mail send me an answer. There are 26 cd's in your package so far.

  3. Note: be careful handling those koalas. Thjey are on a constant high from the foliage they eat and get really nasty when they cold turkey