Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Cruise... Newcastle and Brisbane

I don't know what happened to the old castle, but the new one is beautiful. Newcastle is really very pretty. We got in on Sunday, and there was a huge street fair. Ben, Ross, and I got caught up in a parade of some sort... there were people marching behind a school band, so we thought we would join right in. Turned out to be a march for the People with Retardation. We felt honored to be part of it.

The street fair was fun. Ben got some authentic Aussie licorice and a hat. I got a "best burger in town" which consisted of a hamburger smothered in onions and cheese. And yes, Michael, I tried it. Ended up scraping the onions off, but I did try it. Also got some fresh cut chips (fries) and it reminded me of the days in Prince Edward Island with Buds Spuds truck... they were awesome. Ate them out of a wrapped piece of newspaper. Amazing.

We also got saluted by an antique gun mount on the top of some hill in Newcastle. As we pulled out of port, the gun fired on us three times. It missed. Oh yeah, they were shooting blanks. Hate it when that happens. I got some video of it, so i will try to post that as well... the internet works sometimes on here, but not always. Never know when it will or won't.

I got new shoes!!! In Sydney. My old converse high tops finally wore out. I had seen a pair when we first got into Sydney, but the shop was closed by the time I found them. I made my way alone back to the store, and they were no longer in the window. I was disappointed. So, I went inside, and there they were like the shining beacon of shoe-dom. I got them. They cost too much, but I like them. They better last longer than the converse high tops. I will post a picture of them.

In other news, we got our ratings from the first cruise. 84.something. Not very good if you ask me. I am used to getting over 90. I was also in major conflict with our line captain who told me I was not doing a good enough job. Of course, she told me this right before a show, so I was a nervous wreck during the show that followed. It was the first time in over 30 years of performing that my artistic integrity was attacked.

So. Things I have learned so far on this cruise:
1. There is a difference between learning words and learning rhythms.
2. Sunshine on my forehead does not make me happy.
3. Gossip is still evil. Especially when it comes from women.
4. I still don't like onions.

Sea day tomorrow. We are doing a reblock of Country because Nicole was sent home. Her ankle never got well enough to put her back in the show, so she was medically disembarked. It really sucks. They waited to do an x-ray until the day before she got off. WTF is that all about? Shouldn't that be the FIRST thing you do when you have an ankle injury so you know what you are treating?

Remind me never to twist my ankle on a ship.

Brisbane is gorgeous. One of the cleanest cities I have ever seen. It is set on either side of the Brisbane River, and you take a water taxi to get to and from town. Amazing. The weather was perfect, though I did get sunburned on my forehead and nose...but the day was incredible. I was supposed to go frolick with the koalas, but Ben and I missed the bus. We were on the water taxi coming from town, with plenty of time to spare, mind you, and then they decided to disembark everyone from the taxi (one stop away, mind you) and then re-embark everyone so the taxi could refuel. It was the re-embarking that made us late. As we ran toward the parking lot where the buses were, ours was just pulling away. Ah well. Live and learn, I guess.

So we ate at a Portuguese place called Nando's... it was incredible! i had this amazingly tender chicken breast, smothered in a lemon and herb sauce, but not too much... with just the right amount of spice to make it tingle in your mouth. Just yummy. Can't wait to have it again. Okay, time for pictures... enjoy.

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  1. It is so good to see from your blog that that sense of humor is solidly in place despite the less than perfect circumstance.

    First time in over 30 years of performing to call your artistic integrity into question should tell you more about her judgment than your performance.

    The shoes...wow. I know it is impossible to replace the others but these are a worthy successor.

    Oh, and I am so relieved about the koalas. I kept thinking about them scratching your eyes out. You will see why from the quote below. It is from some online newspaper-always the source of reliable info.

    "The original plan of the would be thieves was to steal a koala from the zoo - that's what they were going to use to swap [for] the drugs,'' Mr Kemp said.

    "[But] apparently [the koala] scratched the shit out of them.''

    "The blokes have quite a lot of scratches and lacerations caused by the koala.''

    The thieves then decided to take a crocodile instead.