Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brisbane...land of the cranes.

Here are some of the pics of Brisbane. Land here only starts out at 4 million dollars... imagine that! Did i mention that one of our tenders got stuck in the mud? It was kinda funny. I don't remember where we were, but I had had a dream that the ship ran aground... little did I know it was the tenders instead. Too many people who ate too many desserts,I guess.


  1. Four million? Does it cost extra for a house? Greetings and love from chilly Fire Island, freezing my butt here. The dog is a Lab, so she's fine, and the cat is a Manhattan alley cat and a ho' so he's in good shape out of doors. Which leaves me, dying for a hot cuppa coffee and a bagel. BTW, I love your new shoes. I just can't imagine you w/o those Converses.

    I just put a spell on that sucked out, dried up line director, the one with no taste or judgement. So if she falls down or turns green, blame me. HA! Don't let her bother you. As long as the audience loves you.

    Hurry home; can't wait.

  2. Cranes? Did you say cranes? Who cares about the cost of land, show me a Brisbane crane.