Friday, October 9, 2009

May I please have Samoa?

Five sea days. Yuck. But, another show down, and only one more to go! Managed to learn all the words to yet another show... sorta. What I didn't know, I sure made up quickly. Tribute is not my favorite of the shows. It is the one with Vogue in it... outdated, boring, and overall a waste of money in my opinion.

We were in Samoa today. Headed to Pago Pago tomorrow. Not much happening in Samoa. I got off the ship around 3:30, and walked to town, only to find that everything was closed due to the huge memorial service being held for the southern part of the island hit by the tsunami. The ship took ashore tons of clothes from the crew and passengers, and so it felt good to be part of their rebuilding. The memorial service took place on the entire island, and there was a procession of hundreds of cars and trucks (I think they were carrying coffins, I didn't watch it) down the main street. All the flags are at half mast, and it is a sad little island. Beautiful, but sad.

Tomorrow we take production photos at 11am. We had to rewrite our bios because someone in the home office lost the other ones, so that was an inconvenience. I don't know why we even have them if they are trying to conserve paper, why do they bother to print programs?

Speaking of conservation, the ship is on water restrictions, as we did not top off our tanks in Samoa or any of the rest of the ports we will be visiting. Makes for an interesting cruise. Conserving water... and they ran out of catsup! What's up with that? French fries just don't work with cocktail sauce, let me tell you. Ugh. Note to self... buy a bottle of Heintz in Sydney.

Very homesick these last few days. There have been a lot of "pairings up" happening, and it makes me feel kind of alone out here. But I have my books, my computer, and the script I am writing... which is not cooperating with me at the moment. I can't find the direction I want to go. It's like I can see where I want it to go, but getting there is a tough challenge. There are way too many loose ends to be tied up. Trying to do this and the shows at the same time has also been a challenge. But it will come. I mean, I have a deadline of November 1st to get the script in, so it has to get done.

Missing you all... sending postcards tomorrow via "tin can mail" whatever that is. Gaby, that is something for you to look up and do some research on.

Love ya!


  1. Funny, I am missing you more right now, too. So, if misery loves company...

    What a wonderful thing to do in Samoa.

    As for the script, stop thinking so hard about it. Your Muse can't get in. Besides, you have filled up your brain so full with lyrics to all these shows, you need to let it bypass the brain. The Muse works best when pouring it in to your heart and out through your fingers. Don't worry about "finding the story". It will find you. You know you can always go back and edit,cut, modify and otherwise change it later.

    Oh, yeah this is a comment about the other post-Can't wait to see those shoes. I love you, Peggy

  2. From THE PEANUT GALLERY- Just as Peggy says. She's smart, she loves you, and is right about that elusive muse; it will find you when the time comes. In my experience with my crummy newspaper column, I somehow always managed to make a deadline, just the same as you do. In fact, you're the one who taught me that.

    I should be ashamed of the way I thought about your company. Instead of driving their Rolls Royce through the slum, they came with necessary food and clothing. Now, if they'd only treat you guys better, as you so richly deserve.

    I keep checking out the bridge cam; it makes me feel closer to you.

    I thought you'd get a kick of how Petey the cat keeps racing out into the halls, returning the next day. Now I can go to the front desk and find him on the security cams. Cats, they think they're so very smart.

    Make us all proud, misbehave. We all miss and love you.