Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Princess Cruise Lines...

where the left and right meet and no one has any idea what the hell is going on.

Darwin today. The cast is hosting the Halloween party (that not many Aussies celebrate) and so it was my duty to get off the ship today and go buy candy and supplies. The rest of the cast had a Coast Guard Drill, so I was the only one who could get off the ship, as I have passenger status...or do I?

I went to get off the ship, the coast guard drill hadn't yet happened, so I thought all was well. I go to the gangway, and am immediately stopped by the security guy who tells me I can't get off the ship. I tried to explain that I am a guest entertainer and that I don't have any crew drill duties, and that I have passenger status. Well, of course, this isn't good enough, so he has to make a phone call to someone "in the know". Wait. Wait. Wait. The page is returned. In foreign language I hear "Ping pong, ping pong, dabba dabba ping pong ramalamading dong passenger status, guest entertainer, ping pong ping pong, you get the idea. Hangs up. No, I can't get off yet. That person has to check with another person. Wait. Wait. Wait. This happens four times. FOUR TIMES! Oy holy mother of god! Finally, I am allowed to get off the ship. Forty five minute trip to downtown Darwin. I find the Woolworth's. Spend way too much on party supplies, most of it candy... not to worry, Dad, I get reimbursed. Mission accomplished. Forgot my camera, so no pics of Darwin.

So how do I explain Darwin... what's the word? Um. Flat.

Flat, dry, with ant hills the size of my niece. I crap you negative. These suckers are huge! I can only imagine the size of the ants that live in them.

And that's the story, folks. Darwin is... flat. Flat and dry. But very wet during the rainy season, apparently. Up to three meters of rain. That's aussie talk for about 9 feet. Damn, that's a lotta rain.

More later, as my internet card is about to expire. More pics coming. Miss you all.

Oh... I finished the play! I even managed to get it sent off to the powers that be. And I made my deadline. I even submitted it early! By four days!

Happy Halloween, everyone. I'll try to write again soon.

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  1. Sorry hon, I just can't resist thinking they sent the fox to go get the (candy) chickens. I'm just overjoyed that you finished the play. You deserve a well deserved reward. Love ya!