Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dancer down!!!

So our first day without the creative team down our necks, and already we have an injury. We were doing another dress rehearsal of Shimmy, which we open tomorrow, and Nicole, one of our dancers twisted her ankle while trying to maneuver offstage in a blackout. It was honestly next to impossible. The stage is on four levels, and there is glowtape, but you can't tell where one level starts and the next one begins, or how steep the steps are. Needless to say, she is out of the show tomorrow and for at least a week. If she is not on her feet again within a week, she will be put off the ship.

In other news, I have finally gotten some inspiration for my new play that I am writing! It took forever, but it is finally going to have some shape that not only will please the commissioning party, but will be fun for me to write as well. It is still based on the original idea that my staged reading had, but now it has a more universal appeal, I think. I like it, anyway. We will see. If I can write at least 10 pages per day, it will be done in a little over a week.

So we are heading toward Samoa. The captain told us earlier that we were still planning on stopping, as the port was not damaged too much. There is more damage on the Southern side of the island. We are going to the Northern side, I guess. We will see. I think it is cruel and somewhat tacky for both the islanders and the cruise ship patrons to stop there at all, but I am not the big corporation who runs off the money of the wealthy and want to be rich.

It like "Hey, let's go see the poverty and the destruction as a tourist spot!" Just doesn't work for me. I am heartbroken by the devastation we are seeing on the TV, and I only hope and pray that all those missing are somewhere better than here on earth.

I have some other pictures to post, and I hope you enjoy them. They are of Hawaii.

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  1. Poor Nicole; what a heartbreaking story. I can imagine those SOB robber baron cruise ship tycoons would put her off the ship in the middle of the Pacific, on a deserted island with just two banana palm trees and a monkey? Why don't they just make her hop the plank, and be done with her?

    Seriously, I just know that with you there to give her support, she's feeling a lot better. I've seen what you do.