Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you aren't late, you're Airlie!

In Airlie Beach today. Had a ten am rehearsal for the Country show, which we do tomorrow... can you say matinees suck? It went better than I thought it would, though. My voice is a little ragged from the Piano Man shows over the past few days, but hopefully by tomorrow things will be back to normal.

So, Airlie Beach was awesomely beautiful. You know, I could definitely come back and do Australia again, this time for longer. A few short hours in town is way too short. Airlie Beach is a beach town (!) but because we are in killer jellyfish season, no one swims in the ocean! They all go to the man made lagoon, which is kind of a bionic wading pool for adults and tots. It reminded me of the resorts the you find in Mexico, with pools covered with walking bridges, and tons of people. I didn't swim, as I don't have a swimsuit, but I sat and watched the pretty (and not os pretty) boys and girls frolic in the water. Walked around a bit, ate at McDonalds, you know gotta try the local fare. It was delish! Some of the best french fries I have ever had... save Cancun, Mexico.

Finally got online, but for some reason, none of my photos want to be posting. I will try again soon. I took some great pics from the last couple of ports and I want to share them with everyone, but the wireless internet aboard is so sketchy.

So. Things are going well. Better, anyway. I made up with my company manager who wasn't speaking to me because of our little disagreement, but things are patched over and back to normal. She's great, and I didn't realize she was in so much stress, as am I. Ah well.

Gotta get to work on the play. Only ten days until the due date. UGH! I hope it comes together.

My love to all, and please keep thinking about me! Wish I could send postcards to everyone, but time and money doesn't allow for it. Besides, I never know if they get there anyway. Port Douglas in a couple days, to see all 968 residents! Wow. Maybe I will go kite surfing. Maybe I will get eaten by a giant box jellyfish. Maybe I will get sunburned to a crispy potato chip-like texture and have to be medically disembarked and fed to the sharks.

Love you guys!

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  1. Man, it's so great to hear you and the Manageress kissed and made up. and this still rocks me; you go halfway around the world and you eat McDonalds? Eew; or is it Eww? Whatever.

    The cats begged me to discourage you from bringing back a wallaby. It would steal all the affection, and eat us out of house and home.

    You can't hide it, you defintely sound happy. Maybe it was the french fries. Sure wish I were there.