Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Run Throughs... and more run throughs

Okay day today. About a 6, but still on the plus side of the scale. I can't wait to have a day that ranks up in the 8's or 9's! We worked this morning starting at 10 am on the Piano Man stuff. Some of the choreography is very intricate, and i found out that we will probably be doing the Elton John section for our presentation on Monday evening. Yuck. Now i really have to sit down and learn some of the more obscure Elton John songs, if there are any. Saturday night is one of them that everyone knows the chorus to, as there is only one words... "Saturday" but those darned verses throw me for a loop every time!

Tried unsuccessfully to upload my videos of the manatees, but thanks to Bill, I am now able to do it through a universal USB port thingy. So, hopefully I will be able to attach them in the post.

The picture of the bee swarm as well.

I am not called in tomorrow until 2pm, but Nicole and I are going in around noon to run stuff. Our run of Extreme Country is at 7pm tomorrow night. We ran it tonight after our run of Shimmy, and it went better than I thought. I am not the fondest of this show, as the keys are all in the stratosphere, not to mention at the end of the show, when I am out of breath. I am sure it will grow on me, though. I enjoy Shimmy, though. It is very fast paced, and the songs sound good for my voice. A little ragged tonight by the end of the day, but hopefully a good night's sleep and a good warm-up tomorrow will help that.

My folks and Peggy are coming this weekend to see me and the presentation, which is very exciting. I just hope I can get the words before they come. It's not like I have a choice. But it would be nice to know what numbers we are doing for the presentation ahead of time so we can prepare. It looks like there is one show we won't even get to while we are on land. That means we will be learning it on board the ship. Kinda sucks, because it will probably take away some port time for the cast. Ah well. The show must go on.

I had an article published about me in the SETC website, which was exciting. I tried to post it on here, but seem to be unable so far.

I'll try again when I have a free minute.

More later. Good night!

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