Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A good day!

Wow! Today actually was a good day. Finally! Only about an 8 on the scale, but still, the best one yet. So what made it so good? Not sure, really. I think I was just kind of in the zone, and was able to get two run throughs of one of the shows in, which added to some sort of reinforcement.

So, our cast ran Moments To Remember, and it was honestly kinda sucky. I know that I nned to really buckle down and learn the freakin' words to "I've Got You Under My skin" as well as the new swing section... Zoot Suit Riot, Mr. Pinstripe Suit, etc. FUN stuff to sing, but the words are killing me! So many words, so little time.

We then did a run of Shimmy, because we are having to do a full out run tomorrow. It also went well. I was happy that I have been able to retain most of the notes I got from what little time I had with a musical director. Route Sixty Six. Ugh. Words! Shimmy went well, as I was saying. We still have not been blocked into it, but we kind of were shoved into a sink or swim version
of the show, and we survived. I know tomorrow I will not remember a thing about where I was when, but hey, it worked for that run.

Zack is so patient. I am so totally the weakest link (good-bye) in the cast, and he is being so helpful with me and my total brain farts. He is the choreographer, and he is really quite brilliant.

I saw Manatees yesterday! I finally got out to walk yesterday afternoon, after rehearsal, and I was listening to my ipod, trying to memorize words, and I walked down by the waterfront and the docks, and there were three there flopping around in the water. Two big ones, and a little one. They were so cool. I took some video from my camera, but of course, I am having technical difficulties getting it uploaded onto this website. I also saw a swarm of honeybees, which was kinda cool. If I can get that photo uploaded I will try to do that, too.

I have to be in early tomorrow, so i need to get to bed. I can only hope tomorrow is as good a day as today was, if not better. I really miss my cats. They are my pride and joy.

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  1. Kitties are fine - happy there are many birds and squirrels to observe. They love their midnight snacks and so far have been rather well-behaved. Othello loves chicken and Hamlet loves to pester Othello for any reason whenever. It's cooler today so they are both curled up and look like mini-throw rugs! They miss their JMB, but are OK and surviving. XX00 MOM and O&H