Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am pooped!

Tough day today! Good day, but a tough one. Frustrating and expected. Ran through both Extreme Country and Save the Last Dance... Country went better than I expected it to. But I was able to get MOST of the words! I only messed up a couple of phrases in two songs. It will probably be our last run through before we embark on the ship. Scary. But I am glad to get it over with and into my body at least.

So... why was it frustrating today? Stephen,, our musical director was scheduled to meet with us today to go over music. Well, wouldn't you know, something came up to delay him, and eventually, he ended up canceling altogether. Gee, like I didn't see THAT coming. Hopefully no one from PGT will be reading this... I'm not bitter, I just don't think this has given the company the best impression for a new employee.

We leave in less than a week!!! Man, I am getting excited. Scared out of my wits, but excited.

I am sitting eating a bowl of ice cream with oreo cookies on the bottom. I needed that. I am called in tomorrow at 11am, until 9pm. Makes for a day from hell, if you ask me. We shall see.

Hung out with Sophie this evening after dinner, and we sat out on the veranda, she drinking a beer, me Mr. Pibb. Some crazy homeless woman cam along and asked if Sophie could help her out, and then when Sophie went to get her some food (pretzels), she said she didn't like pretzels. What?! So beggars CAN be choosers, apparently. The woman then went around the apartment complex knocking on people's doors asking for cigarettes and whatnot. Go figure.

Today was Gaby's jump rope team try outs. Hope she did well. I am waiting for her to call me and let me know.

Gonna head to bed soon. More later. Good night.

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