Sunday, August 12, 2012


It's been a while!   We are in the middle of installing our new cast on the Sun Princess.  Four shows down, two more to go.  Exciting stuff.  Stressful stuff, though, too. 

Spent the first night in NYC, saw Sister Act, which was very cute.  Sorry if I am repeating myself...  I guess I will just give you all an update on what is happening nowadays.  I am in the process of opening my solo show, Broadway Dreams, which goes up on the 16th of August.  It is kind of scary.  Putting myself out there for everyone to judge.  I have a great set list, I think, and I hope the audience will enjoy listening to some Broadway show tunes. 

My sister did an amazing job of putting together an awesome CD package for two CD's I have now to sell.  LIVE! and A PLACE CALLED HOME.  They look incredible, and I can't wait to get them out there for everyone to see.  Hopefully I will be able to get some extra money to spend so I can save my entire salary.  We'll see.

My book is a disappointment.  I'll be honest.  I went through and the product is not the quality I had hoped.  The full page photos have white edges on them, and there are still some typos (my fault).  The folks in the home office seem to be dragging their feet approving it, so I have not been able to sell any of them on board yet.  I did put a segment in my show with photos behind me from the book.  We'll see if they can sell.  Thankfully I only have seven copies to sell, so it's not like I am going to put the shops on board out of business.  Oy.

Honolulu was nice today.  Spent the morning doing some errands, spending money.  Had to get a new pair of jeans and khakis, because my jeans went missing after the country show, and my khakis are torn and falling apart.  Not to mention I am just simply fat.  More on that later.

I have started visiting the gym, so I am trying to get rid of this inner tube that has appeared in my midsection.  So far, I have lost four pounds, and hopefully I will be able to get myself back to my ideal weight of 175-180.  I didn't think I would like going to the gym, and I must say it is very intimidating when there are all these young hotties working out and here I am the Pillsbury dough boy doing crunches in the corner.  I'll let you know how the weight loss and diet go. 

My set list so far includes opening with Tonight from West Side Story, Prologue/Any Dream Will Do from Joseph and the Amazing technicolor Dreamcoat, Corner of the Sky from Pippin, Sweet Heaven from Copacabana, Every Single Day from Harmony, Bring Him Home and Stars from Les Miserables, The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha, This is the Moment from Jekyll and Hyde, On The Street Where You Live from My Fair Lady, Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera, Never Land from Peter Pan, What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line, and Love Changes Everything as an encore.  Lots of music.  I will probably cut Music of the Night, because as I sing it, it sound horrible in my voice.  It's a hard song to sing, and right now the song owns me, not the other way around.  Working on it, though.  It will probably be a last minute adjustment. 

The next show we install is Piano Man, and we go up on the 15th.  So basically I am rehearsing two shows at once... and then I have to sing two shows in two days.  Nothing new, but very stressful.  I hope my voice stays healthy and I am able to pull this off.  If I can, it may mean a solo show  and a solo career.  Here's to the future!

I miss my cats, Hamlet and Othello. 

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