Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One more dawn, one more day more.

I have been working my tush off.  Besides getting my show up and running, I have also been working on a play that I am writing called 031.  It is a play that I have been commissioned to write by the Raleigh Police Department and the Wake County School System.  It deals with gangs, and is a project designed to open up lines of communication between students and faculty/advisers.  I hope it works.  The piece is very very powerful, and I think it is some of my best writing.  I only wish I was going to be in town to work on it more.  I feel like I am so removed from it that I will be forgotten in the process.  I know that won't happen, but it is a real feeling that I can't deny having.

Piano Man opens tomorrow night.  Today's rehearsal was awful.  The band sounds terrible.  People still don't know the choreography.  Some folks are here for the reason to party and play and get drunk and not for the purpose of entertaining the folks who are paying their paycheck.  It is a little disheartening when I am here because i love to do this, and others seem to step all over it.

Ah well.  It is late and I need to get some sleep. 

Sang at the Captain's Circle Party tonight with Darian.  We did a sneak preview of Piano Man, which was fun.  The show should go well.  At least we know what we are doing.  Once again, it is coming down to me to carry the shows for the most part, and I am still having fun doing it.  So far.

More later.  Miss so much already.  Now with all the earthquakes and stuff happening, not to mention this scary election coming up.  Wow.  That's a subject for another day and another time. 

Love to all at home.  Please leave me some messages so I know these posts are being read. 

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