Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Broadway Dream Aftermath

It has been a few days since I last wrote, so I apologize for all however many of you are waiting.  I have a feeling it isn't many folks, but anyway... here I am writing to you. 

The other night (last week) I performed my one-man show, Broadway Dreams.  It was a huge success.  I had tons of fun, sang my heart out, and the audience actually wanted me back for a second night.  Very exciting.  I think I have sold at least four CD's (Thanks Sis!) but I can't get the money from them until it is approved by the line.  Ah well.  All the better when it finally gets approved. 

My book, on the other hand, was not approved.  It won't stop me from selling it, of course.  Just on a cash only basis and somewhat under the table.  We'll see.  There really hasn't been much interest in it, to tell you the truth.  Even with a slide show in my show, I figured people would see the photos I have taken and want to buy my book.  Maybe there will be more interest on the Asia cruise, as a lot of the photos are from Asia.  Again, we'll see.

So I have been trying to upload footage of my show for my folks and any interested parties to see, but it is taking forever to upload.  You may have to wait on that.  My apologies.

In other news, I think I have lost weight, finally!  Tonight during Shimmy, my pants were all falling down!  A good feeling.  Just sucks that it take s so much effort to take the weight off.  Hitting the gym every day or every other day, my body is always in pain, but I guess the rewards are starting to show.  I look in the mirror and I am not AS disgusted as I was at home seeing myself.  Maybe my love life will improve, too.  Yeah, like that's bound to happen, EVER.

We are bound for Auckland, New Zealand.  Should be there day after tomorrow.  Crosses the International Date Line today, which means that today never existed in my world.  That is, the 22nd of August.  We went from the 21st to the 23rd.  Hmm.  Time travel is so much fun.

It is starting to cool down, too, which will be interesting.  I have not been in This part of the world during their winter.  I hope my sweatshirt and light jacket will keep me warm enough.  I do have several hats, so they will at least keep the old ears warm.

Not much else to report.  We are in the midst of installing British Invasion, which is a pain in the you know what.  The lifts are acting strange, and the safety features on them have failed, so we are basically working on a very unsafe stage.  But what can you do?  The show must go on, right? 

Looking at crossing over to Royal Caribbean in the future.  They are looking for people to play Corny Collins and Amos in Hairspray and Chicago, respectively.  I think it might be fun after this gig is up to try that.  As far as I know, they are Equity contracts, too.  I could use one of those, God knows.  Insurance weeks are good!  We'll see, and I will certainly let you all know what happens with that. 

Later, taters!

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  1. Crossing over, eh? Sounds like a great idea for a change of pace. As long as its not only Equity pay but Equity treatment, right? I am so glad to hear you got such great feedback on the show. Oh,how I wish I could have been there.