Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cocoa Crispy

Man, it is HOT here in Cocoa.  Started my journey this time around in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Spent the night before (4th of July) with my folks and my cats (Hamlet and Othello), and basically took all my clothes with me.  I had been cleaning and doing laundry during the day.  The look on Mom's face was one of slight overwhelm-ment.  I could see she was thinking "There is no way all that is going to fit in your suitcases."  Well, of course, she was right.  It took me several times to pack, and eventually, I ended up packing six or seven basic outfits.  The way i see it, if I need something else, I can buy it once I get somewhere.  Dad won't like that statement, but I will try to live below my means.

So then comes the plane ride.  All was fine until there is this weird vibrating sound, then the bar near the window and ceiling two rows behind me comes crashing down.  Are we going down?  No.  Just the A/C.  Ah well.  Of course, then comes all the cell phones taking photos, and the comments about how "This'll get us a free ticket somewhere."  Jeez.  Get me to Cocoa already.

I arrive in Cocoa okay, and our costumer, Rex is there to pick me up.  We have to wait at the airport for Darian's flight, which was set to arrive about an hour after mine.  Hers was delayed by maybe 20 minutes, but she showed up and we had our happy reunion.  We have not stopped laughing since.

Today is Sunday, our day off.  Most of the cast went to Disney today, but I stayed behind to live below my means.  Besides, I have a play to write.

Went to the pool, got some writing done, now just blogging to see what new things are in store for me and this cast.  We did a run through of Piano Man yesterday, and strangely, it seems like everyone and their mother was there to watch.  But... not bad for one day of rehearsal.  The show went well, and I realized that I am WAY out of shape.  Got lots of work to do.  Thankfully I have been eating well and walking every morning.  More later.  See ya!

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