Monday, September 13, 2010

Waste of a day...

Broome, Australia. Because of port regulations, the ship had to disembark passengers from the gangway right onto the buses. This took 6 HOURS! We arrived late, around 12:30pm, and by the time the ship was clear for crew, it was already getting dark, and 6pm. Got into "town" around 6:30, and needless to say, everything was closed. Found one store selling hemp and hemp products, and strangely, patches and pins. Got a patch and a pin, avoiding the hemp and hemp products. Saw some HUGE bats flying around. Watched Bryant eat his fish and chips. Got back to the ship by 7:45. What a fun day. Next time, I am getting on a tour so I can see it during the daytime hours.

Other news: I am entering some photos in a photo contest/exhibition-thing. I need to hear form you which photos are the most artistic and which ones should I enter for the show. I will post at least ten of them... please let me know which ones you think I should pick. Thanks! They are pictures from all around my travels thus far.


Oh, we are going to be in Bali tomorrow! Very excited. Better than Broome, anyway.

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