Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Perth-day!

Great day today. Started the day out by not sleeping at all last night, yet again. Not sure what's going on there, but insomnia is a pain in the neck, I tell you!

Got into Fremantle this morning to the horrific sound of something scraping right outside my portholes, then an awful snapping sound. Not fun. Scared the bejeezus out of me, so I figured might as well get up and start the day.

Was in the Ward Room last night, which is the bar for officers and staff, and those of us "privileged" enough to pay the membership fee monthly. The cast was all there talking about what they were going to be doing today. The last I had heard before i went to bed was that we were going to take the train into Perth and spend the day there gallivanting around.

Of course, everyone BUT me got trashed after I had already gone to bed, so the plans fell through. Surprise surprise. They all got up late, so I ventured out on my own again. Some of you (Mom) have been wondering why there aren't any pictures of me and the cast posted yet. Well, that's simple. I don't hang out with anyone. I try, but it's that invisible person syndrome I seem to have. I sit in the group and try to make conversation, but eventually the backs turn to me, and it becomes more important who is going to pick up who that night and take them home to their cabin, where they think everything is secret, but nothing is. These walls are paper thin, hunnies!

Anyhow. Toodled around Fremantle, looking for my pin and patch. Got the pins and the Perth patch (in Fremantle) but no Fremantle patch. They don't make them for some reason. They probably had one at the maritime museum, but by the time I got there they had already closed, it being Sunday and all.

Did some grocery shopping for the weeks ahead. Maynard's wine gums and the like (sorry, Mom). Smith's potato chips (sorry, Dad). Yummies. Then I went to the train station. Got on the right train, believe it or not, and made my way into Perth.

Walked all around Perth, from the CBD (Central Business District) down to the waterfront esplanade. It was really an amazing experience. Down by the waterfront there was an arbor COVERED in wisteria that was so amazingly fragrant, I could smell it blocks away. Took some pictures of the Swan's Bell Tower, which houses the bells of...oh crap, I just lost it. It'll come to me.

Came back to Fremantle on the right train, which is better than taking the wrong train. The sun was starting to set, so I got some really interesting photos with amazing light. As I was walking, I was distracted by a very grumpy or chatty group of wild parakeets, all rainbow colored. My camers has a sucky zoom, so I couldn't get a good photo of them. Also chatted with a Kookaburra, and that pic is posted...

We don't sail for another couple hours, and there is an incredible churro place that has melted chocolate with all kinds of spices to go on the churros. Tempting, very tempting, but I am broke. Enjoy the pics from Fremantle and Perth! Tomorrow we are in Bunbury. Bunno, as the Aussies call it.

Still have not heard hide nor hair from Michael... if anyone has info as to his whereabouts, please let me know.

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  1. I've fallen in love with that loner in you. Your photos are making me crazy.

    I miss all hell out of you,