Monday, September 27, 2010

Burnie, Baby, Burnie

So... not much to say from the Burnie side of life. Got up early to go ashore, and lo and behold, there is no Burnie out the window. The currents and winds were too strong that we had to skip the port. And I had planned to go to the Penguin rehab center! Bummer.

So on to Hobart. We get in tomorrow around 6am, and all I have planned is to go eat some good Chinese dumplings, get a pin and a patch, and wander the streets taking some more photos. Anything to save some money. Taking pics is free.

Speaking of pictures, thanks for all the input about the photo contest I am entering. It looks as if I am going to be entering three photos, and I will post them as soon as I decide which one to toss out. I have four that I am favouring right now, and I can't decide on just three. Tough choices. There is one that is an amazing photo, but not quite in focus, so that may be the one that gets put off. The upside of the photo is that the out of focus-ness is what gives the photo the impressionistic quality that I like.

In other news, shows are going well. We did our second night of Shimmy tonight, and it went well. I have been singing on a very sore throat, so only having one show tonight was truly a blessing. Strange thing, this sore throat... it is scratchy, has been for a little over a week now, and doesn't seem to be going away. No fever, no other symptoms, just soreness. Hopefully it will go away, but I only have one day off before the next show from hell: Save The Last Dance. Very high, and lots of singing.

Missed Mom's birthday, but called and left her a message on Dad's voice mail. Hope she got it. Don't know. They didn't email me to tell me. But that's okay, I have yet to send off the first postcard.

Still working on setting up some audition workshops through an agency in Sydney, and of course, I misplaced the email address, so poop on me.

Overnight in Hobart. Then back to Sydney. The Tasman sea is supposed be very unfriendly these days, so we'll see how things go.

Oh! Forgot to mention Noro virus! We've been on red level for about five days now, meaning no crew can go into public areas unless it is work related. That means dinner in the crew mess (yuck). Long story short, I have been eating lots of frosted flakes.

I will try and post some pics from Hobart tomorrow evening, as I need to get another internet card. More later! Love ya! -JMB

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