Tuesday, September 7, 2010

En route to Port Douglas

Just felt like posting some of the pics I took from Brisbane this past week. The weather was awful, but the day was fun. Hung out with Lewis, Sarah, and Dani. Had fun. Sang in the rain.

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  1. Was it a glorious feelin'?
    I can tell you're happy again. I bet you were laughing at those clouds so dark up above, the sun is just right there in your heart, and I know you are always ready for love.

    Did those dark nasty stormy clouds chase
    everyone from the place? You just said "come on with the rain" and you had that big smile on your face. Aren't you glad you walked down the lane with that happy refrain while just singin',just singin' in the rain. Yeah, so what's next? Am I going to hear you tell me you were dancin' in the rain?

    And not once did I try to make that rhyme with Brisbane because I know it does not. :)