Friday, February 26, 2010

Sorry to rub it in...

Glow worms!

But this cruise has been AMAZING weather-wise. Absolutely perfect temperatures, and the seas have been very kind. We are in our final port of New Zealand today, Dunedin, which is home of Cadbury (one of them, anyway.) As is my luck, I found myself walking down the street and then all around me appeared people marching and playing brass instruments. There was a parade! All in my honor... okay, maybe not, but I liked to think of it as an "homage".

The video stuff doesn't seem to be working in my favor, so I will try once more.

Okay, I waited for half an hour... nothing. I give up. Maybe when I get back to the states the connection will be better and faster.

Tomorrow we are in Fjordland... and then two sea days, and then Mom and Dad come!!! Whoo hoo!!! 42 days of the Orient! I am very psyched.


  1. Hi luv, I just KNEW you'd love their being with you. I wish I had thrown caution to the winds, and made the trip. (sigh)


  2. Who needs video, I can hear your voice through the blog. SO GLAD the end of the cruise has far surpassed the beginning. And, BTW, a career as a photographer would not be out of the question. These photos are gorgeous. I love the contrast in the one with the single orange flower amidst the field of purple. Now, on to the next worlds, Ah so, Peggy