Monday, February 8, 2010

Dunedin... twice more

Then on to Asia! Hard to believe the contract is almost over. Seems like it was just yesterday I was struggling to get through rehearsals. And what am i going to do when I am done? I have no idea. Hopefully find a job that will enable me to continue to pay my bills. We shall see.

Thought of going to see Nine today, but it is such a beautiful day I don't want to go sit in a dark room for the whole time I am in port.

Shows have gone well so far. We did Tribute for the past two nights, which is not my favorite show, as most of the free world knows by now. But now that i can actually get the choreography, it is kinda fun. Still don't like it, but it has fun moments.

Not much really to say today, I am going to post some more pics, so enjoy. I can't wait to eat at a Chik-fil-A again!

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  1. It's loads nicer when there are pictures of you. I see you found yourself a pet? I hope it doesn't eat cats or dogs. Can't wait to see you. Counting the days.