Thursday, February 4, 2010

More less than interesting pictures of stuff

Stuff in Auckland, New Zealand.

Oh, which reminds me, if any of you devout blog followers want some souvenirs, now is the time to let me know... send it to my email address: and i will do my best to accommodate. It will depend on my budget, but I will do my best to bring you back a little something from my travels. Love ya!

One other thing I forgot in my last post... this past cruise was pretty much a planning disaster. A bunch of us wanted to go see the movie Nine, which finally came out here last week. So, we looked online for the theatre where it was showing in Tauranga. Again, rain. We carted our little butts off to the theatre, only to find that it wasn't at this one, but the other one downtown. Ugh. So, back in the rain, carting our little butts off to the other theatre. We get there, get in line. I go to order my ticket, and it is sold out. Okay, how much fun is that?

So, i went back to the other theatre and saw a late showing of Paranormal Activity instead. My sister would have liked it, but it was pretty dumb. Great up until the very last frame of the movie. Then I wanted my money back. I could have written a much better version.

Okay, I am off to send my play to Paul. See ya soon! It's almost over!!!

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