Thursday, February 25, 2010

One to go!

Hard to believe that six months have come and gone already. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting with Lormarev in my dining room setting up this account joking about Cabaret and other stuff... I miss you, Lo!

So, to keep it short and sweet, not to mention that my internet budget is running on empty, I will try yet again to post the videos, and here are some of my pics from this last week in New Zealand. I start the 42 day Asia Cherry Blossom cruise on the 3rd of March, and then it will be home around April 16th! I am so excited to see Mom and Dad, and there will be some fun stories and surprises for them on the cruise... but I'm not giving away any of my secrets. You'll have to stay posted here. Miss you all, and love ya, too!


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