Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Holidays are HERE!

And I am still here as well.  Another Christmas at Sea.  Hoo boy.

Actually, I hope it won't be all that bad.  Unfortunately on the news these days, all there is is bad news.  As I write this, I am watching the news accounts about the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut.  As an educator, I can only imagine the horror the folks are going through there.  It is every teacher's nightmare what happened.  My heart is so sad, mere words can't describe the amount of pain and sympathy I feel for that community.

With the holidays upon us, the Cast is getting ready to hunker down and celebrate.  We are planning on doing a holiday show, the crew is having a holiday disco, and we are pretty much gearing up for the end of the world as well.  There are some cast members who subscribe to the 12/21/12 theory.  We'll see.  Between the earthquakes and the basic crumbling of the world's economy, things are pretty bleak out there.  Thankfully we have the human element to look forward to. 

I have been watching the TV series "The Walking Dead" which is basically about the zombie apocolypse that takes over the world.  It is really fascinating, believe it or not.  It is not just about these zombies that are invading, but about the people who have to band together and deal with them.  They have to leave loved ones, lose loved ones to different types of attacks and situations, and it makes me think about what I would do in the case of an emergency on board.  I guess that's a good thing?

I don't have much else to report, really.  I should do a year in review for everyone to read, but I may do that later this cruise when I am not paying for internet connection. 

I had the opportunity to revisit Christchurch this past cruise, and it made me cry, truly.  The city is coming back, and they are very resilient, but the city is horribly broken. 

I am going to go.  I don't know what else to type right now.  So it's best to be silent, i suppose.

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