Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Openin' Another Show!

Oh, by the way, you have a show tonight... this was what I heard upon getting on board.

Thankfully, the show was only the Welcome Aboard show, so it was a whole six minutes of my life, but it went well, and the cast is very friendly and very talented.

So now we are in rehearsals for tomorrow night's show, Save The Last Dance. It is going well, though my leading lady is a bit green, but she'll do fine. She has an awesome voice, and is absolutely beautiful to look at. Kind of a cross between Anne Hathaway and some Silent movie star vixen who sizzles on the screen.

So far, the only downside has been the fact that all of my clothes have had to be let out. I guess those three months off did more for my waistline than I had expected. No more HoHo's for me next time. I will lose the weight, though, and then all those clothes that were let out will then have to be let back in. I hope so, anyway.

So we are en route to Honolulu, Hawaii, where we will have a late sailaway, apparently. I am looking forward to it. The box I spent 60 bucks on to arrive on time in LA didn't arrive... well, it did make it, just not to the ship. So much for my soap, deodorant and peanut butter. They don't have Jif in Australia, just in case you are wondering.

It is supposed to be forwarded to Honolulu, so we'll see if it actually makes it there. Odd, since there were so many people from the home office, you would think that one of them could have easily just brought it aboard. More later...


  1. Ya might find some Jif in Honolulu. If not- I say we de-state them. After all it's not American to not have Jif. Glad the first show went well. Happy sailing.

  2. We're missing you! Kitties are well and adjusted quickly. Went to see THE HELP yet again and it was sold out again. Weather has moderated and is bearable...what a surprise. Dad mailed your packages. He'll check 828 tomorrow after shuttle. Sorry about your waist...keep working at it. Think fruit and veggies. Love you!