Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annie Junior, day 9

Hello everyone!  The day has arrived!  Tomorrow is our opening!  All are very 

excited, and though we had a rough couple of run throughs, we did get a lot done
today and we all learned a lot about what it takes to be a performer!

We had two special guests to watch today. First was Kathleen Rudolph from RLT,
who was very enthusiastic about the performance. Second was Paul Orsett of the
Wakefield Theatre Company, who will not be able to come to a show because of
prior commitments. He also was very positive about the work the kids have done.
His and Kathleen's main comments were that the kids cannot be heard. Not to
worry. We are working on this!

I was a little dismayed today to find out how many actors wore their costumes to
the dress rehearsal, when yesterday's email asked that they specifically NOT do
this. I know I sent the email late last night, and for that I apologize.
Tomorrow, please do not make the same mistake. Please have your actors bring
their costumes with them so they can be kept at the theatre until Saturday. I
don't want anyone to forget their costumes and then have to sit on the sidelines
watching their other actors do their work.

Once again, for those of you who didn't get the info...

Doors open tomorrow at 5:00pm. Please do not try to sneak in and watch what
happens beforehand. We will be working right up until showtime, so please do
not add to your actor's stress level by trying to get a quick look.

The show starts at 5:15, and should be over within an hour to an hour and
fifteen minutes.

Saturday's show starts at 1:00pm, and all actors should be at the theatre no
later than 12:00 Noon. Doors will open at 12:45.

At this point in the game, we have everything we need. Costumes, props, the
works. Please do not add anything to your actor's costume, thinking "This would
look real good..." It won't. We have worked on all our changes and anything
else will now be a hindrance. If you would like to help, please remind your
actors about their blocking, dance steps, and that they need to PROJECT so that
their deaf grandma in the last row can hear them! That would be most helpful.

Parking again is available in the large lot by the mainstage theatre, adjacent
to the amphitheatre. The show itself is in the Goodwin Gaddy Teaching Theatre,
which is the smaller black box where you have been picking your kids up this
past week.

Thank you, parents, for being so supportive these past two weeks, and I know you
will be pleased with the final product.

Please have your camp evaluations filled out and ready to turn in tomorrow when
you get to the theatre.

I think that's everything. I am in the process of finishing up some last minute
props that needed to be wrapped or fixed, and then I am off to bed to try and
get a good night's sleep. We will see you all tomorrow!

Thanks so much,
J. Michael Beech

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