Thursday, August 4, 2011

Annie, Junior, day 3

Another very productive day!  I tell you, these kids are working HARD!  I threw 
a lot of stuff at them today, and not only did they retain it, they looked like
they were actually enjoying it!

At the start of the day, we sit in a circle and do a "check in." Today, we
reinforced our names and what character we were playing, as well as "if you had
one superpower, what would it be?" Let me tell you, there were some very
interesting answers! And it is so true when you hear that phrase "Kids say the
darndest things!" My favorite answer came from one of the boys who very
emphatically said his superpower would be the power to self-destruct! I could
not stop laughing. Unfortunately, you only get to use that superpower once!
But laughs aside, we went straight to work, incorporating one of our new
actresses into the overture. She had been absent for the last two days, and we
put her in quickly. It changes the entire scope of things when one person is
absent, and I do implore you as parents to make sure your kids are at camp!

As for self-destructing, become a director!! It comes naturally!!

I really worked the kids really hard today. If they messed up we went back and
started over. If they messed up again, we started over again. I hope it wasn't
interpreted as my being angry at them. I told them I get really excited and
then my voice changes and it sounds like I am angry with them... I will do my
best to try and change that. But again, they are doing wonderful work, and it
is definitely a notch above what you are probably expecting.

I know this coming Friday seems to be THE DAY to leave early, and whatever the
reason, I would love to know where the huge party is! If you could please
remind us tomorrow if your actor has any conflicts between now and the time we
perform, that would be great! Also on a side note... there are TWO performances
of Annie Junior. One next Friday at 5:15pm and again on Saturday at 1pm. We
are still having camp at the regular time that Friday, as it is out last chance
to finish off things and do a run through of the show.

So. Onto our daily report. As I mentioned, we worked on the Overture again,
and then we sang through some of the music. We then worked on "It's A Hard
Knock Life" for choreography, and the kids were AWESOME!!! Please remind them
to look at their words and listen to their music each day as much as possible!
Remind them that even though they are not necessarily "in" the number, they are
still to sing offstage... everyone is onstage, so there really is no offstage...

I just found out that the CD's they got do not have the instrumental tracks on
them. If your student wants a CD of the instrumental tracks to practice with,
please have them bring with them a blank recordable CD, labeled with their name,
and we can burn copies during rehearsals tomorrow.

Whilst I was working choreography, Mary Kathryn worked with Miss Hannigan,
Rooster, and Lily on "Easy Street" and other pieces of solo material. She also
did some work with Annie on her solos.

We then took a break, had a snack and then we jumped right back into it.

We started the "NYC" number, which uses the posters I was talking about
yesterday, and I found a place to get them done! Thanks for all your

We also got to sing through "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here". I am hoping to
get to that number tomorrow for choreography as well as finish off the NYC
number. Again, you will be so impressed with the work they are doing.

A note on costumes...
A note on costumes...
A note on costumes...

Mary Kathryn and I are still debating what to have the kids wearing, so please
do not assume that we are going to have them in full "orphan gear!" If
anything, we are leaning toward finding some old button down oxford shirts and
dirtying them up to use for the orphan outfits.

Of course, no Annie would be complete without the red dress and wig. I looked
at the Party store by Triangle Town center yesterday and could not find anything
that even resembled the red dress or even a red permed wig. So, if there are
either of these items stashed away in a closet somewhere from an old Halloween
party, please let me know. (Annie's Mom, please let me know what size she
is!!!) Please do not go out and buy anything!! I repeat... DO NOT go out and
buy anything!!!

Ok, not sure if I am forgetting anything... I'm sure I am, as I didn't write it
down when I should have. I have buckets and mops for the orphans...

I have some of the props for the mansion scene... I am trying to get some
blocks for the kids to use as scenery items as well... they make great desks and
chairs and pedestals for the statue of Liberty... Who knew?

More tomorrow! I may send an addendum with the stuff I forgot. Thanks for your

J. Michael Beech

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