Monday, August 9, 2010


Good day yesterday in Manzanillo, Mexico. I really have no idea where it is, or why we even bothered to stop there on a Sunday, but it was interesting to see a very small fishing village and its Sunday traditions, complete with bells pealing and dancing in the streets... okay, maybe not dancing in the streets, but I did see some dancers changing clothes in the streets. Doesn't that count?

Enjoy the pics. Manzanillo is the self-proclaimed sail fishing capital of the Pacific, as is known from the HUGE sailfish sculpture on the shore. It was cool. Very blue. Mucho azul.

Several of our cast members are experiencing the wrath of Montezuma, most likely from the amount of tequila they imbibed in Acapulco. Glad it wasn't me!!!

We opened Moments to Remember tonight, after having an 8am rehearsal. LONG day, to say the least. What's weird is that my costume changes that were so easy on the Sun Princess are now giving me a major headache on the Dawn. Didn't make one twice now, and it is very frustrating to have my song cue come up and me not be ready in costume. Close, but not close enough. The show went on, though, and I managed to sing my way out of the costume looking like poo poo ca ca tee tee wah wah.

Enjoy the pics.

I am very excited about day after tomorrow! I get to see my nieces, whom I have not sen pretty much since they were born, or close after. Tate, Eden, Mary, Gregory and Kelly are all coming to see the ship and me in Long Beach. Should be exciting. I have been scavenging the store rooms for souvenirs...

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  1. Have a wonderful visit with the little girls...they will love seeing the real you having seen some Sun DVD's. Gregg's bringing the soda pops...enjoy your day...wish we could be there too! I'm trying to convince JB that the April 8th followed by the May 12th would be a great 47-day-er. LOL Love you! Mom