Monday, July 11, 2011

Hairspray begins

Day one of Hairspray rehearsals.

Started my day by getting up late. 10am, and then again at 11. Headed to shower, then to Mary Katherine's to listen to a potential Annie Junior candidate for a show later this summer. The girl has a beautiful voice, but I don't see her as an Annie. Grace, maybe. But pretty voice. Mary Katherine has done good work with her as a voice teacher.

Then I made my way to North Carolina Theatre Studios. There was a non-mandatory meet and greet for the cast and producers. It started at 1:30. I got there around 1:35. Sat and met the cast and producers. Then Carolee, (producer) comes up to me and says something to the effect of "Thanks for staying with us and not going to work for _____!" Which was odd, because I had not mentioned to her that I was being offered a job with ______. Interesting, right? Not sure how I should handle this. Apparently, another producer friend of mine called this producer and asked her to let me out of my contract with Hairspray so I could go work at his theatre. Behind my back. Not really sure what to do and how to handle this. Long story short, I guess I did the right thing. I am still doing Hairspray, and I will stick to my contractual obligations and let my reputation stick for itself. Done and done.

So. How was rehearsal? It was fun. Long, but fun. We did two scenes that I am in. The first was the "Detention" scene, where I play the Principal of Patterson Park High School. Basically, I walk on and say a line then exit. Then I come back in, say another line and then exit. Don't read into this that I am complaining...because I am not. It is fun. I got a laugh from the director, which is a good sign, right?

Then I had some time off. Paul came by to drop off some BARE flyers, which I handed out. Also bought a new pair of reading glasses, since my other ones broke in the Hong Kong airport. Ten bucks. Ugh. But now I can at least see my lines.

Had three hours to kill. Went to the mall for dinner, then rehearsed the "Nicest Kids In Town" scene, where I play Harriman Spritzer, the owner of Ultra-Clutch Hairspray. He is a clueless dork. Typecasting if you ask me. It was fun. My "Leading Lady" (Velma) I performed with in Sound of Music, so there is a familiar face there. I think we will make a fun team.

Had a music rehearsal from 9 until end of day (10:30pm), where we worked on Good Morning, Baltimore" and "Welcome to the 60's." I am singing in the stratosphere. Why did I tell our musical director I would sing tenor? DUMB choice.

Tomorrow, I have a costume fitting at 2pm, followed by a 4pm "Good Morning Baltimore" which lasts until dinner, and then back until 7pm. Then I have two and a half hours off until I am in the "I Can Hear The Bells" song. Should be fun.

Going to see BARE one last time on Friday night, and hopefully the cast of Hairspray will carpool out there and enjoy the show. I wish I could get them a group discount. Maybe Paul will let them have twofers, and I will pay for the remaining balance. We will see. They have a brush up tomorrow and Wednesday, and then go back into shows on Thursday night. I wish them well. I did post a video of some show clips on youtube. Just look for "justjmichael" in the search box and it should come up. Enjoy. Hopefully more tomorrow. I am pooped. Heading to bed.

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