Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well hello again, all. It has been too long, and I have been all but silent during this empty time. I have been uber busy, though, directing and choreographing a show that is absolutely one that I could do over and over again, and I hope I get a chance to direct and choreograph it over and over again.

The show is called BARE: A Pop Opera, and it is about a group of Catholic high school students and their teen angst and reactions to sexuality, body image, and overall faith. It is really an incredible show, and I hope more people come to see it this coming weekend than did the past one. It is a show all Mothers should see, and Dads, too. In my opinion, if you are not moved by this show, you must be either 1) dead or 2) made of stone.

I will try to attach some pics of the show taken by our lighting guy, Stevan Dupor. The lighting is amazing, and there are not enough positive adjectives to really and accurately describe the experience this has been for me.

I have video, but the file is too big to post on here, so i will try to post it via my youtube account. I will pst a link when and if it happens. In the meantime, come see the show! Visit for more information!

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