Sunday, July 31, 2011

Closing night of Hairspray

Kind of a bittersweet evening. Our final performance of Hairspray is tonight, and it has been such a wonderful experience. From day one, the cast has been amazingly talented, and when we got into performances, it seems as though everyone has such an amazing passion for this piece of theatre that has brought the audience to it's feet each and every performance.

I will have some pictures later to post, so be patient when it comes to that.

I think my favorite moment in the show (okay, there are 2) would be when Jannie sings "I Know Where I've Been" at the end of Act 2 and then the moment following. I stand offstage with props in hand, and there is the coolest sight... on one side of the drop is the musical number "Hairspray" happening, and on the other, there is a scene change happening. A fascinating dichotomy of action and color and basic blue light. Really cool. Unfortunately I can't get a photo of it. Only those of you in the theatre could possibly understand. It is magic.

Next on my plate is a production of Annie Junior at Raleigh Little Theatre, and then the day after that closes, I head to Los Angeles to join the Dawn Princess yet again. It seems like I have been working non-stop since I got off the Dawn Princess in May. Oh yeah, I have! But it has all been worth it. First BARE, then Hairspray, then Annie Junior, and then back to the land down under. What an amazing life I lead. I would not trade it for anything.

I will talk more later... I have some amazing ideas for Annie Junior and I hope they work onstage. It is a kids camp performance, and it will be chock full of trials and tribulations, no doubt. More soon! JMB

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