Friday, April 8, 2011

Pics from British Invasion


  1. Looks GREAT . . . . you may want to hem your pants?? LOL SEE YOU SOON!!!

  2. Okidokee... and WOW. I am trying to pin a song on the photo, so here goes.
    #1 Ground Control To Major Tom-particularly from the look on your face;
    #2-God Save The Queen (from the fire atop me head)
    #3 I'm Henery The 8th I Am-(and don't you forget it).
    #4 Jumping Jack Flash and he's passin' gas
    #5 The Easter Parade On The Street Where You Live (all you need is a basket of eggs)

    All in all it looks like a Whole Lotta Fun and I am so glad you're having some of that, Peggy