Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Invasion has started!

And the audiences are RAVING! The show went very very well, considering we were all exhausted and excited and nervous as all hell. I do have pictures, but they are in the process of being transferred to my laptop, so I don't have them at the moment. Be patient! There are some eye-opening ones of a me you have never seen before and probably never will again!

In the meantime, I have had some requests for pictures of flowers (Peggy) and doors (Mom). So here they are for your enjoyment. They are from all over Australia, and probably some from New Zealand and other South Pacific Islands as well.

Hard to believe I only have two more cruises left! It seems like the ten months have crawled by, but now they are on a collision course with reality. I'll be home soon! Next cruise we go to Hawaii and back, and then for the last one, we are up to Vanuatu and then homeward bound. I am getting excited. Looking forward to some Mellow Mushroom! Who's up for going when I get back?

At the moment, I am sitting in the Brisbane Library. Finally found a free public wifi that is fast and up and running! I thought there would be more signs of the destruction of the flooding that had crippled Queensland this past year, but it is amazing how resilient and pro-whatever these folks are! You would never know there was such devastation. They did a great job of cleaning up, that there is hardly any sign of water levels anywhere except at water level.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love them all! It was so good to talk and see you...you look great. Hang in there, stay safe, eat well, be healthy and know that we all love you...Love,

  2. Thanks for my beautiful flowers. I agree with your Mom-all of the photos are spectacular. As for Mellow Mushroom,did you hear they need a new jingle? You just record a video of you singing one, upload it to their site and get people to vote for you and you win. Piece of cake, er, pie, right? One can only imagine what you might come up with. mellowmushroom.com

  3. I'm up for Chick-fil-a, mellow mushroom and hersheys too . . wanna go to pennsylvania for some genuine stuff?? Can't wait to see you. Auditions are April 23 at NCDI. . . hoping to get a viable cast this year. We'll see with the turn out. Still trying to verify use of UNC CH . . . grrrrrrr . . oh the things we do for art!! See ya soon!!!