Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Heard the Stars and Stripes played by the Marine Corps band while I was on tour... made my day, considering Mr. O (not you, Paul) ruined pretty much of the rest of the day. Let's see... the bus broke down, it was really hot, like Africa hot, Mr. O was an embarrassment to the human race, and overall the day was pretty crappy. Not to mention I had to do Shimmy again last night for a less than half full house.

Mr. O is a passenger on board from somewhere in the Ukraine or Russia, or I really don't care where, just as long as our paths never cross again. He and his less than lovely wife were on the same tour as I. We visited a sacred site where the locals did a Kava ceremony. During the sacred ceremony, Mr. O in all his divine wisdom, decides to stand up in front of everyone while the ceremony is going on, and take pictures about a foot away from the people performing the ceremony. What an asshole. Man, he really pissed me off. Then he proceeded to go to the dancers' dressing room (during their show) and take more pics of them as they were trying to go onstage. Who the fuck did he think he was? Sorry for the profanity, but it really works me up. Obviously. I of course can't say anything, for fear of losing my job, but he offended so many people that I hope all his kids and their kids end up gay so his family name stops. Wow. Am I ready to come home, or WHAT? Ha! Get me to Hawaii already!

Spent most of today fixing my costumes for our next show because I have gotten so FAT. Yuck. Major self-esteem issues these days. I gotta get home. I miss everyone there.

Mom and Dad made it through the storms okay, and shaken, but not stirred. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. FAT? So, wait a minute, how is the Lent thing coming? You should have seen some serious waist slimming just by virtue of your virtue. Peggy