Monday, January 10, 2011


So here I am yet again, in Christchurch, NZ. I love this town, even though there is not much stability here. Last time I was here, they were hit by a 4.9 magnitude aftershock. Every day is something new and exciting. Anyhow, this cruise has been rocky as well. We canceled our second show of Tribute the other night because of rough weather. We have to make it up tonight at 10pm. Not the best of times to be doing a single show, if you ask me.

I started and finished in one sitting Patti LuPone's memoirs. It was really fascinating. Lots of quotables concerning rehearsals, life on the road, etc. She seems like an interesting woman. I'd like to meet her before I die. Actually, I'd like her to be in a certain musical show I am working on. She would be PERFECT as the wife of the mayor.

I uploaded some pics from my camera over the last few weeks, and I will post them here. Not getting many comments, but I will post them anyway.

Seen any good movies lately? I sure haven't. I have missed just about everything that has come to the theatres. Our schedules are always weird. They either start before we can get off the ship, or they end too late to get back to the ship. I have yet to see Tron!

So enjoy the new pics. Please feel free to comment if you like.

Did I Mention that I royally screwed up the words to part of the Beach Boys medley in Tribute the other night? Oh man... I was a mess. I was SUPPOSED to sing "Well maybe if we wish and think and hope and pray it might come true, maybe then there wouldn't be a single thing that we couldn't do..." Instead, what came out what was "Well maybe if we wish and think and hope and pray it might come true, maybe then we wouldn't be doing all the things that we think that we are the things that we think we do..." or something like that. I have no idea how I got all the syllables into the phrase. Kudos to Deanna for not losing it totally, as I was singing right to her face. Tragic, I am. Sometimes.


  1. You can make up words so fast it makes my head spin!! Love that sky pic . . . I can only imagine . . . Glad you got back into Christchurch . . . say HI for me!

  2. Patti is a compleat professional. She would understand.